Rebel Kayaks Gnarly Dog Orange/White

Rebel Kayaks Gnarly Dog Orange/White



Gnarly Dog Sandwich Plus+ Carbon&Kevlar – Epoxy – Cork & Spheretex. The new Gnarly Dog is – as you could probably figure it out – a clone of our Husky. We just stretched the length and increased the beam. All this has been done to gain more volume for the bigger paddler, or a paddler who wants to bring some gear along.
Designed by Johan Wirsen
The Big Dog is not what I would like to call a HV kayak, more like an XL, where you still have a good fit and good contact with the kayak. So the Kayak has the same low profile, is easy to roll and manouever. The deck layout is the same as in Husky, so you will recognise it and have space for all what ever you want to put on deck, or lock it onto your roof rack. With a moderate rocker and more symmetrical hull-shape this is one playful kayak. With a hard chine and flat V-shaped bottom with fine ends towards bow and stern, it’s made to manoeuver. It has a low profile and is very easy to rolladdel och divine paddle Neoprene Spraydeck.

Finns i färgen. 001 Black/White/ 002 White/Red/Black 003 White/White/Red. 004. D.Grey/Yellow/White 005 Orange/White Går att beställa andra färger

Välkommen ut och testa, jämför alla kajaker som vi har och samtidigt få en fin dag i Gryts Skärgård.

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  • Mått. 540*57cm. Vikt 22kg.
  • Volym 140l passar för personvikt 70-100kg. Sittbrunn 78*42cm
  • Material: Carbon&Kevlar – Epoxy – Cork & Spheretex
  • Packutrymmen bak och fram
  • Liten packlucka bakom sittbrunnen och framför.
  • Justerbara fotpedaler
  • Skedda
  • Två transporthandtag
  • Gummilinor för att kunna fästa olika saker på deck
  • Lårstöd
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