Kayaking in Sweden

With Ostkustenkajak!

We have kayak and SUP board center in Gryt at Eköns nature reserv and also at Västervik Resort. You can also make kayak tour between Ekön and Västervik and we take care of the transportation back. A nice tour for appr. 3 days and 50km distance.

The archipelago-imagine the long, light summer nights and the deep blue sea that makes you one with the ocean, fresh breezes and adventure.

Welcome to discover the best paddle water in Sweden with Gryt’s, St.Anna and Tjust archipilago and appr. 8000 Island’s! You can escape from the busy citylife and just living close to the nature and have your own Island for a night.

Discover the beauty of the Gryt’s, St.Anna and tjust archipelago with sea kayaking in Sweden.  Suitable for beginners or more experienced paddlers, you can always find calm water in lee of the wind when you exploring the islands. Enjoy Grytstrangeln a nice tour for 3-days with stop at harstena and Häradskär. You can stay in cabin, guest house or tree tent.

The Gryt archipelago is part of the larger Östgöta archipilago with St.Anna and Tjust network and is one of Sweden’s most beautiful kayaking areas, known for the beauty of the landscape and nature, perfect to exploring by sea kayak.

We also cooperate with Swedish Welcome for holiday in Sweden to be a sustainable visit without any footprints.

Contact us for any request info@ostkustenkajak.se or you can book online https://www.ostkustenkajak.se/bokning

Call: +46-730 41 0148

We have 60 new kayaks every season and running the kayak brands divine paddle, Aquarius, Rebel, Melker Kayaks. We also have SUP boards and bikes. Gryt’s archipelago offers you the opportunity to relax and be active at the same time. Discover the beauty of nature and protect the evironment for comming generation, no footprint. See:

We want to support you and give you the best service for Kayaking in Sweden.

  • We provide you with all equipment for kayaking and we have 60 kayaks in many different styles to fit your demand. Also camping equipment if you want to stay on the Islands.

  • Stay in the Treetents on the Island and be one with the nature.

  • Kayaking and stay at the beautiful Island Harstena, appr. 4 hour paddling one way, stay in a cabin and try Swedish Sauna.

  • Plan your kayak trip and see the Islands we recommend on the website.

  • If you want to stay in a cabin or tent we can offer you different combination with kayak, cabin or treetent. Please look at the web site.

  • Picture explain more then 1000 words! See more picture.Instagram #ostkustenkajak or www.ostkustenkajak.se 

  • If you visit us during the Midsummer end of June, you can enjoy the long bright night and paddle all night long. Try the traditional Midsummer party with the flower pole.

Every spring Ice melting away
and the sun starts to warm up the ocean.
A new adventure starts again, time to explore the beautiful archipelago with kayak
The kayak people seek freedom on the ocean to find total harmony with all elements
Warm wind from south, waves to ride on and find new paths across the islands
Just water splashing under your kayak and sky transform to be Bluebird
NO excuse….. just feel the mindfulness. Slow down people and relax